Diversity and Inclusion Academic Liaison (DIAL)

Diversity and Inclusion Academic Liaison

The purpose of the Diversity and Inclusion Academic Liaison (DIAL) position, jointly appointed by the Graduate Student Association (GSA) and Grad Division, is to represent graduate student concerns pertaining to sexual harassment, discrimination, prevention, and compliance—especially when these concerns the gender, race/ethnicity, and disability discrimination.

The DIAL is tasked with advocating on behalf of graduate students as individuals and as a student body at UCR.  Individuals with concerns regarding discrimination and/or harassment may work individually with the DIAL in order discuss options and resources available to students experiencing these issues.  In this way, the DIAL may advocate on behalf of individuals navigating UCR administration and policies affecting discrimination and harassment.

Additionally, the DIAL advocates on behalf of the UCR Graduate Student community through their service on the GSA Executive Board, GSA General Council and the ASUCR Diversity Council.  Moreover, the DIAL will be available to special interest mini-GSA groups wishing to communicate their needs and requests to the GSA leadership.  Further the DIAL, also serves as a liaison between the GSA and other parts of UCR Administrative bodies, when necessary.

Resources for Graduate Students

Unless indicated as a confidential resource, all UC employees are considered responsible employees and must report disclosures of sexual harassment and/or sexual violence to the Title IX office which will initiate an investigation.  If you would like more information about reporting but would not like to formally report to UCR, please see confidential resource options.

Confidential Resources for Graduate Students

UCR Ombuds Office
The Ombud’s Office is a confidential, impartial, informal and independent resource that assists UCR community members, including students, faculty and staff, in addressing or resolving a dispute or ongoing conflict.
Phone: 951.827.3212
Location: SURGE 388 & 390

UCR Counseling Center
Counseling and Psychological Services offers walk-in service for consultations.  Same-day appointments are also available in crisis situations.  Counselors are available 24 hours a day by calling 951.827.5531 or 951.UCR.TALK
Hours: M-F 8 AM – 5 PM
Phone: 951.827.5531
Location: Veitch Student Center, North Wing

UCR CARE Advocates
CARE Advocates provide a safe and confidential place for students, faculty and staff who desire information about and/or need help with issues involving sexual assault, intimate partner (dating/domestic) violence and stalking.
Phone: 951.827.6225
Email: advocate@ucr.edu
Location: SURGE 384 & 386

Other Resources for Graduate Students
Employees in the following offices are all responsible employees and must report disclosures of sexual violence and sexual harassment of which they become aware while acting as a representative of UCR during their employment.

Diversity Initiatives/Diversity @ UCR
The Diversity Initiatives website provides a comprehensive list of diversity focused resources available for students, staff and faculty.  Students can also review UCR and UCOP Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action Policies.
Phone: 951.827.5672
Email: avcdi@ucr.edu
Location: Hinderaker 4148

Office of Administrative Resolution
The Office of Administrative Resolution is responsible for reviewing and resolving issues of policy, procedure, integrity and college relations that have the potential to impact the mission and well-being of the University.  These issues include those involving students, staff and faculty.
Phone: 951.827.4383
Email: vpar@ucr.edu

Title IX/Sexual Harassment Office
The Title IX office monitors and evaluates campus policies and procedures to ensure compliance and provide an environment in which all members of the campus community feel supported and free of personal threat from sexual harassment and sexual violence.  Students may report sexual harassment or sexual violence directly to the title IX office.  Alternatively, reports of sexual violence and sexual harassment made to any responsible employees at UCR will be reported to title IX, thereby initiating an investigation.
Phone: 951.827.7070
Email: TitleIX@ucr.edu
Location: SURGE 349



2016-2017 Diversity and Inclusion Academic Liaison Appointee
Kayleigh Anderson-Natale, M.Ed.

Kayleigh Anderson-Natale is a fourth year Ph.D. student studying Higher Education Policy.  Her research is focused on the extent to which commercialization in STEM fields is associated with gender gaps in the way doctoral students are funded. She received her B.S. in sociology from the University of Idaho during which she spent two years working as an advocate for survivor of domestic and sexual violence.  More recently, Kayleigh has taken opportunities to serve the graduate student community, first as the Graduate Student Resource Center Coordinator and then as the Graduate Student Mentorship Coordinator at the Grad Success office. Further, as of July 2015, Kayleigh was appointed as a member of the University of California Office of the President Taskforce on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment to represent graduate students throughout the UC system.
HUB 203
Office Hours:    Tuesday 9-10 AM
Wednesday 1-2 PM
Thursday 9-10 AM