Ways to Get Involved

Ways to Get Involved

Green Labs Program:

The Green labs program is an ongoing initiative by the Office of Sustainability to make lab spaces more sustainable.  http://sustainability.ucr.edu/certification/greenlab.html

If you are part of a lab space and want to be designated as the eco-leader for your lab, please fill out green lab survey for your lab contained in the link above.  The Office of Sustainability will then work with you directly to make your lab space more sustainable.

GSA Sustainability Committee:

If you are a GSA rep for your department, please sign up for the GSA Sustainability Committee at the upcoming GSA council meeting Wednesday October 5th.  We will be voting on a number of initiatives that we will want to tackle for the upcoming year.

Green Grants:

As part of GSA’s mission to tackle sustainability issues on campus, we will be creating grants for sustainable projects that graduate students can apply to.  These will be decided on by the GSA committee and we will elect outside members to work with.

Represent Your School at Different Levels:

In order to create a cohesive sustainable campus culture, we need graduate students at every level to further drive sustainable advocacy.  If you want to represent your entire college, department or just your working group, please fill out the survey linked to above.  Then, feel free to work with us toward creating sustainable initiatives for your school like departmental presentations or sustainable events.

R’Garden – Reserve Your Own Plot:

If you have an interest in growing food sustainably, the R’Garden at UCR is open to graduate students who either want a plot for their respective mini-GSA or themselves.  Please go to this link to find out who to contact to get your own plot and learn more about the R’Garden itself: http://rgarden.ucr.edu/gardenplots.html