Conference and speaker events are an important part of university life. The GSA has funding available to support your next graduate student conference or event. Please review the conference criteria and application below.

Guidelines for Conference and Speaker Proposals

Because conference and speaker events are an important part of university life, the GSA has funding available to support conference or speaker events of interest to graduate students. Our first priority is intramural conferences in which graduate students present or plan their academic work, but we have funded other events in the past and hope to do so in the future. Our funds are limited, and we need to stretch them as far as possible. The conference and speaker funding is not intended to provide sole support for events, nor does it have adequate funds to fulfill that purpose. For GSA to fund an event, we must feel confident that the money will be well spent. We need to know how the planned event will benefit the UCR graduate community and that the event will have the best possible impact. We also need to know that the organizers have considered other funding sources.

Proposals should be submitted to the GSA office at least two weeks before a Graduate Student Council meeting. The Clubs and Allocations Committee will review the proposals and make a recommendation to the Executive Board and then the full council. A pre-proposal meeting (see below) is required between the Clubs and Allocations Committee and the conference organizers before the Council meeting at which the initial presentation occurs. The Council will determine the actual amount of funding. Last-minute proposals will be considered but typically receive less funding; like everybody else, graduate student representatives like to think carefully before making financial commitments. We rarely provide retroactive funding. Conference proposals don’t need to be long; 2 to 3 pages is generally best. We appreciate electronic versions so we can send them to the council members before a meeting. Feel free to include anything to support the value of your event.

As of the 2008-2009 Academic Year, we require all conferences and speaker events to adhere to the following criteria:

  • Pre-proposal meeting with GSA
  • Department support letter
  • Open conference for all UCR graduate students
  • GSA logo on all brochures, programs and signs created for the conference
  • Verification
  • Post-conference communication

Please visit Conference Allocations Form for more detailed guidelines.