Step 1: Register with Student Life

You will need to fill out a Student Organization Registration Form, write a constitution, attend a Student Organization orientation, and submit a membership roster of at least ten students. Student Life is a great help, but if you can’t get five students to register, contact the Vice President of Academic Affairs, and we will help you.

for more helpful instructional videos like the one above, please visit the StudentLife Youtube Channel.

Step 2: Register with the Graduate Student Association

Submit to the Vice President of Academic Affairs a copy of your organization’s constitution, and a cover letter requesting to be recognized as the department’s GSA. Your council representatives are required to sit on one committee to be considered in good standing with the Graduate Student Association.

Re-registering an existing Mini-GSA

Inform the Vice President of Academic Affairs who your Mini-GSA Council Reps will be. At the first council meeting the Reps must serve on a committee, one rep if your department has two. You will also need to re-register with Student Life every year. To re-register your mini-GSA, you will need to follow the same process as registering, except that you do not need to submit a constitution (unless it has changed).