Financial Support

Saving money on the conference by sleeping in a budget motel, the grad student sits in the glow of an old TV that is brighter than his future.

Going to a conference? In partnership with the Chancellor’s Office and Grad Division, the UCR GSA distributes a significant number of conference travel awards.

Hosting a conference? Ask us to sponsor your conference

Involving the community in an activity? Request sponsorship for an outreach event.

Have an active, registered mini-GSAs? We offer reimbursements for costs associated with meetings.


The GSA advocates for UCR Grad Students by lobbying at the state, UC system, and UC-Riverside level on behalf of the grad student population.

Have a problem?  We are here to help.  The GSA can help answer questions and connect you with important resources.  If we do not know how to address your problem, we know who does and we can work with you to resolve it.

Professional Development

The GSA hosts a speaker series to facilitate professional development, beginning with Lego Grad Student in Winter 2019. Check out our announcements to stay tuned for exciting information about upcoming speakers and other professional development opportunities!

Social Opportunities

Grad school can be an incredibly isolating experience.  Join us and your fellow graduate students for a number of events throughout the year.

Grad Bash at the HUB! (Fall/Spring quarter)
Grad Bash at the Getaway (Winter quarter)
Grad Night at the Getaway (every Tuesday night starting Fall 2018)
And more! Check the calendar and facebook page

Want to learn more?

Access the monthly officer reports for the current year by clicking here to learn more about the daily grind of the UCR GSA officers.

Thank you to Lego Grad Student for the use of their images. @legogradstudent