Michael Bentel
Finance Officer
Office hours: 
Location: GSA Office HUB 203




  • Assist the President in preparation of the yearly budget
  • Have bi-monthly meetings with the President, Executive Vice President and Administrative Assistant to check on the general functioning of the budget line items and expenditures
  • Present an overview of the budget and various expenditures at each monthly GSA board and council meeting
  • Maintain a separate, working copy of the GSA President’s budget
  • Maintain a record of past budgets as well as information relevant to these budgets
  • Assist all campus committees, standing committees, and ad-hoc committees (or the chosen representative of these committees) that have a line-item in the current budget with fiscal policy
  • Provide updated copies of the budget to any member of the Graduate Student Council upon request
  • Provide a synopsis of any changes that have been requested concerning budget line-items and/or the amounts allocated to these line items
  • Ascertain ways to reduce fixed costs of the Association