Jasmine Jafari
Health Insurance Officer
Office hours: See Calendar for Latest Schedule
Location: GSA Office HUB 203




  • Chair all meetings of the UCR Graduate Student Health Insurance Policy Committee meetings, producing an agenda. seeing that the agenda is sent to all appropriate committee members, the GSAUCR President, to the Vice Chancellor of Student Services, and to the Chancellor
  • Assist with research and fact-finding necessary to assess the availability of health insurance policies which will most effectively and most cost-effectively serve the needs of UCR’s graduate student population
  • Call a General Referendum on the issue of mandatory Graduate Health Insurance and/or of Health Insurance Policy in general, of the entire graduate student population (including any professional degree programs which are generally considered to be graduate programs) should the cost increase per student of the annual policy exceed 19%; and shall organize and oversee any such referendum, assuring that all appropriate voting members are contacted and given appropriate time for return of ballots
  • Call a referendum on the issues of the mandatory nature of, or specifics of health insurance policy for graduate students upon being presented with a petition with the signatures of 15% or more of the graduate student population which requests a referendum, and which states the nature of the issue(s) being brought forward clearly and concretely
  • Oversee the gathering of information by the GSA regarding quality control and service delivery to graduate students, and work with the Student Health Center to produce a yearly assessment of policies and service which will be made available to the general graduate student population in the form of a report which will be issued at least once yearly
  • Coordinate GSAUCR representatives to the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on AIDS Policy and/or to another health-policy related committee
  • Hold office hours by appointment with graduate students who have questions or problems with the implementation of health insurance policy as they experience it; and advise students of options regarding resolution of complains or problems