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US federal government level

GSA Advocacy trip to DC report, 2023
By: Fernando David Márquez Duarte, VPEA

On March 28th-29th a UCRGSA Delegation traveled to Washington D.C. to conduct advocacy meetings with legislators. The delegation was composed by Ivett Gabriella, GSA President, Dulce Alarcón Payan, GSA Legislative Advocacy Officer, Zaira Vidal Cortes, GSA PhD student and DACA holder, and Fernando D. Márquez Duarte, GSA VP of External Affairs.

We held meetings four in-person meetings in D.C.:

  • Met with Julian Garcia, Education Policy team of Senator Alex Padilla and another staff member.
  • Met with Taylor DuBard, Legislative Correspondent on immigration to Senator Dianne Feinstein
  • Met with Congressman Mark Takano and his policy analyst Adrienne Castro.
  • Met with Adriana Bankston, Legislative Analyst and the staff of the UC Office of Federal Government Relations.

The topics that were addressed in these meetings were:

  1. Disability rights
  2. Immigration/DACA
  3. Housing

We made white papers on Disability rights, and Immigration/DACA and delivered a copy in each meeting.
Our white papers and asks were very well received by all legislators. One of the staff members of Alex Padilla that we talked to in the meeting is DACA herself, so she was specially interested and willing to work on our asks on the topic so Senator Padilla can support UCR international and DACA graduate students. Senator Feinstein’s staffer told us that Senator Feinstein will be supporting our asks and told us that the Senator is working on a bill proposal to improve housing situation for students, which was very interesting. Finally Rep. Takano was very supportive of our asks and very knowledgeable about the situation for the Dream Act vote in Congress, as well as offered us specific and very useful tips to make UCR admins respect rights of students with disabilities. The meeting with the OC Office of Federal Government Relations was also useful because they heard our situation as grad students first-hand and we told them what are the areas where UCR has to improve to better serve us as graduate students.

Thank you to Lego Grad Student for permission to use their work throughout the website. 
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