2021-2022 Elections

Learn about the office position and candidates for GSA 2021-2022


Candidate for President:

Nichi Yes

Bio: Greetings everyone, I’m Nichi Yes, 4th year PhD student in Philosophy, and current GSA President. I initially ran last year to improve conditions for underrepresented students and to answer the call from students to have our GSA leadership advocate more forcefully. Then the pandemic didn’t end, adding a new challenge to the year. Next year we’ll have the dual challenges of keeping the progress we made this year while also returning to campus. I’ve been serving on committees and talking with leadership across campus to advocate for grad students on many issues, including serving on the Instructional Continuity Group to make sure we have safe and equitable conditions when we return to campus. Outside of GSA this year, my research is primarily on philosophy of psychology and psychiatry, my Bachelor’s is in math, and my interests are generally so broad as to make a position like this that works with people in all the fields is admittedly quite appealing. For more information, you can visit nichiyes.com.
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Candidate for Vice President of Internal Affairs:

Katie Vidueira

Bio: Hi! My name is Katie Vidueira and I am a third year Philosophy graduate student. I am originally from Miami, Florida but I moved to Riverside to pursue my love of philosophy. I received my BA in Philosophy and my BS in Finance at the University of Florida. I then earned my MA in Philosophy here at UCR in the Winter of 2020. I love to socialize with others and I especially love to discuss the interests of others. This, plus my experience as a member of the social committee, would allow me to be a great Public Relations Officer. I look forward to hearing from all of you so don’t hesitate to reach out!
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Candidate for Vice President of Academic Affairs:

Dongwei Sun

Bio: Hello, My name is Dongwei Sun, a 4th year Ph.D. candidate in the Material Science and Engineering Program, at the University of California, Riverside (UCR). My research interests are to develop novel biomedical implants and apply surface modifications to improve their performance in biomedical fields. Since I was enrolled in UCR, I have been actively engaged in community events and activities. During the service in the GSA office, I worked as a webmaster and secretary in the past two academic years. I have learned lots of experience and skills from the cooperation with other excellent officers, which greatly helped and trained me to serve the graduate community of UCR.I would like to devote my effort to building stronger connections between different colleges and departmental GSAs, and assist other GSA colleagues to solve our graduate peer’s needs.
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Candidate for Public Relationships Officer:

Jessica Gutierrez Masini

Bio: Jessica Margarita Gutierrez Masini is a Ph.D. candidate in Ethnomusicology at the University of California, Riverside (UCR) with interdisciplinary research interests in Native/American Indigenous Studies, Latin American Studies, and Feminist and Decolonizing methodologies. She is drawn to how Native American peoples not only maintain, but celebrate and create traditions through music and dance. Jessica has recently completed her M.A. at UCR with an engaged ethnomusicological project titled “Native American Indigeneity through Danza in University of California Powwows: A Decolonized Approach.” She has presented highlights from her research locally, nationally, and internationally. Since 2019, Jessica has been awarded the McLucas Fellowship from the Society for American Music and a Humanities Grant from the UCR Center for Ideas and Society to expand her dissertation project to powwows throughout the Southwest, United States. Gutierrez Masini is a performer/scholar who practices Danza weekly, under the guidance of Kapulli Teuxihuitl. She currently serves as Public Relations Officer for the Graduate Student Association at UCR and as the Performance Team Leader in a multidisciplinary campus-wide project called #IndigenizeUCR. Jessica’s ultimate goal is to Indigenize academia by supporting Indigenous self-determination and better connecting knowledge practices and resources to the communities she works for and with.
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Candidate for Graduate Student Health Insurance Policy Officer:

Roseanne Rosenthal

Bio: Roseanne Rosenthal is Mescalero Apache and Tewa. She is a non-traditional student who decided to come back to school after decades of working as a nurse in many different areas. Roseanne is a Forensic Nurse and Crime Scene Investigator certified through the UCR Extension Center. Prior to being admitted to UCR’s Cultural Anthropology graduate program, she worked in the Emergency Room Trauma Center, as a Nurse Administrator for a multi-specialty medical group, and as a Nurse Case Manager for an Independent Practice Association management company.
Born and raised in Southern California, Roseanne has volunteered in the community for the Riverside Area Rape Crisis Center, as well as in Ghana where she volunteered for the Global Medical Brigades by providing healthcare to people in remote communities. Roseanne is an active member in many organizations at UCR including having founded the Native American Honor Society and is the coordinator of the Indigenize UCR project. She is involved in the Native American Student Association (NASA), American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES), the Graduate American Indian Alliance (GAIA), and is a member of the Psi Chi Honor Society. She has been an active member on the Native American advisory board to the Chancellor here at UCR as well as serving on UCR’s VCRED selection committee.
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Elected Position Overview and Description

Vice President of External Affairs

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GSHIP Officer

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Public Relations

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