GSAUCR officers are graduate students who have been elected to one of the 6 elected officer positions or appointed to one of the additional appointed officer positions. In addition to officers, GSAUCR has several liaisons who work with specific departments on campus to facilitate graduate student programming.

Click on one of the individual positions listed below to access contact information, office hours, and officer reports.

Elected Officers
President, Executive Vice President, Vice President of Academic Affairs,
Public Relations Officer, Finance Officer, Health Insurance Officer

Appointed Officers
Chief of Staff, Secretary/Webmaster, Conference Travel Grant Coordinator

Affairs Officers
International Student Affairs Officers, UC Advocacy Officer, Legislative Affairs Officer

Academic Affairs Officers
Anderson Graduate School of ManagementBiomed/School of Medicine,

Bourns College of EngineeringCHASSCNASGraduate School of Education,

School of Public Policy

WELL, Diversity and Inclusion Academic Liaison, Sustainability, Career Center

Alumni Advisor