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All positions within GSA are held by graduate or professional students at UCR GSA. GSA officers are elected to one of the elected officer positions or appointed to one of the additional officer positions. 

UCR GSA has several liaisons who work with specific departments on campus to facilitate graduate student programming. All the liaison positions are 10 months begininningin September and ending in June. 

In addition to officers and liaisons, an office manager and undergraduate student office workers support UCR GSA.

The above organizational chart lists the positions within UCR GSA and provides the reporting structure. The officer reports detail the projects and activities of each of the positions.

Elected Officers including:  President, VP of Internal Affairs, VP of External Affairs, VP of Academic Affairs, Finance Officer/Grant Writer, Public Relations Officer, GSHIP Officer

GSA Elected Officers

Graduate and professional students elect follow graduate students to the following positions in elections held during the spring quarter. 

Ivett Gabriella


Office hours:

Thursday 1 – 3 pm, HUB 203

Katie Vidueira

Vice President of Internal Affairs

Office hours:

Thursday 12 – 2 pm

Fernando David Márquez-Duarte

Vice President of External Affairs

Office hours:

Tuesday 7 – 9 pm

Marina Murillo

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Office hours:

Wednesday 10 am – 12 pm

Vanessa Gomez-Alvarado

Finance & Grant writing officer

Office hours:

Monday and Tuesday 4 – 5 pm

Robert Wilbur

Public Relations

Office hours:

Friday 1 – 3 PM

 Roseanne Rosenthal

GSHIP Officer

Health Insurance

Office hours:

Tuesday 4 – 6 pm

General Appointed Officers

Graduate and professional students apply to the appointed officer positions at the end of the spring quarter. The executive board and office manager fill each of the appointed officer positions from the respective applicants. 

Lu Jin

Chief of Staff

Office hours:

Friday 11 am – 1 pm

Zhutian Liu


Office hours:

Wednesday 10 – 12 pm

Antonio Rivera-Montoya

Conference Travel Grant Coordinator

Office hours:

Wednesday 11 am – 1 pm

Junyi Chen

International Student Affairs Officer

Office hours:

Tuesday 8 – 9 pm

Lei Yang


Office hours:

Thursday 1 – 2 pm

External Appointed Officers

Dulce A. Alarcon

Legislative Advocacy Officer

Office hours:

Friday 9 – 10 am

Jenna Roper

UC Advocacy Officer

Office hours:

Wednesday 10 – 11 am

Academic Affairs Officers

Pooja Barhate


Office hours:

Yiqing Chen


Office hours:

Wednesday 2 – 4 pm

Koby Hansen


Office hours:

Tuesday 1 – 2 pm

Ziting Gao


Office hours:

Monday 7 – 8 pm

Xochilt Salgado


Office hours:

Monday 4 – 6 pm

Mary Adakama

Biomed & School of Medicine AAO

A'Mari Truby - McKay


Office hours:

Monday 4 – 5 pm

Thursday 2 – 3 pm

Our Liaisons

Liaisons connect UCR GSA and graduate students to various departments on campus. They work within these departments to facilitate the inclusion of graduate student focused programs. 

Ying Zhou

Career Center Liaison

Office hours:

Thursday 4 – 5 pm

Songling Chen

 Diversity and Inclusion Academic Liaison (DIAL)

CARE Office Hours (confidential): 10:30-11:30am on Thursdays, HUB 381 (CARE zoom)

GSA Office Hours (non-confidential): 1pm-3pm on Thursdays, HUB 203 (GSA zoom)

Naomi Lopez

Sustainability Liaison

Jessie Bridgewater

WELL Liaison

Office hours:

Wednesday 10 am – 12 pm

Basic Needs Center (Costo Hall 110)

Valeria Dominguez

Alumni Advisor to the President



The GSA office located in HUB203A provides space for officers to complete their GSA duties. Additionally, graduate and professional students can also stop by the office for coffee, tea, cold filtered water, and occasionally snacks.

The GSA office manager, Angelica Teresa Meza, and undergraduate student workers ensure the smooth daily functioning of GSA activities including processing of conference travel grant paperwork.

Artist statement:
“I feel that situating ourselves in place is important, and so, I included mountains in the logo to both evoke Box Springs Mountains, the mountains that overlook UCR campus, and Pachappa, the Cahuilla name of this region. My hope is that this logo acts as a reminder of where we are, that is, on Native indigenous land, of our privilege and our collective responsibility in caring for this land, its original caretakers – Cahuilla, Tongva, Luiseño, and Serrano peoples – and each other.”

By Magnolia Yang Sao Yia, a dance artist and PhD candidate in Critical Dance studies with a Designated Emphasis in Southeast Asian studies

Back in Spring 2021 the Graduate Student Council voted to put together an ad-Hoc committee for changing the GSA Logo, chaired by Jessica Gutierrez Masini (Public Relations Officer 2020-2022). When taking on the PR position, she learned that the old logo had been in the organization since the 1970s’ when UCR was more tied to Riverside City who used the missioncrest symbol. She believed that this logo for the GSA was not only outdated but the mission crest was perpetuating colonial violence.

From December 2021 through February 1st 2022, we as a GSA organization held an open contest to Graduate and Professional Students for a new GSA logo. We received about 18 submissions.

In our March 2022 General meeting, the Graduate Student Council voted on the top logo which is what you see here.

Download logo files here.

From March until May 2022, the GSA gave financial compensation to the artist while the Ad-hoc committee worked tirelessly on getting the new Logo approved by UCR Marketing and Communications. When the Graduate Student Council voted on this logo it was with the intention to implement this image on our website, social media accounts, and on GSA swag so that these efforts to decolonize are not forgotten.

We hope this temporary logo will be honored and remembered even after an official one is implemented by the university. Maybe we can keep this as an icon to be used on swag with the logo? At the very least we want to respect the vote of our graduate student body as well as the intentions and labor of our artist in creating this new GSA logo/icon. In the future, maybe GSA can promote more student artwork and creativity on GSA swag. Our logo is a reminder that students care about representing themselves in a good and honorable way.

Thank you to Lego Grad Student for permission to use their work throughout the website. 
Follow @legogradstudent for more.

Contact Info
UCRiverside HUB 203
8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
(951) 827-3141