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What is GSHIP?

Graduate Student Health Insurance (GSHIP) is a health insurance plan offered through UC Riverside. GSHIP is mandatory for all graduate students who are not enrolled in comparable private health insurance plan. If you are interested in a waiver, please review these instructions on how to waive out of GSHIP.

GSHIP video and presentation

A presentation on GSHIP and the student health app was given by GSHIP officer. the link to the recording is below:

Passcode: Exe8PNH=

What is GSA’s Role in GSHIP?

The UCR GSHIP coverage is determined by the collaboration of the UCSHIP Executive Committee, UCSHIP Advisory Board and UCR SHIP Committee. The GSHIP Officer works with the UCR SHIP Committee, comprising of SHS staff, undergraduate students and graduate students. The GSHIP Officer also participates with the UCSHIP Advisory Committee, consisting of students from other UC universities and UCSHIP board members. 

Student insurance concerns are raised and discussed at the UCR SHIP Committee and UCSHIP Advisory Committee meetings. Recommended changes to the UCSHIP are enacted by the UCSHIP Executive Committee. To volunteer on the UCR SHIP Committee, please contact GSA.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Visit the Student Health Services website for the most up to date costs for GSHIP

GSHIP is paid for in the following ways:

  1. For teaching assistants, readers, and student researchers, the yearly GSHIP premium is paid for by your department or campus employer. This is automatic along with partial tuition reimbursement. It is your responsibility to confirm payment for your GSHIP premium. It is suggested you confirm with your department or employer that your GSHIP fees will be paid.
  2. For those without department coverage for your premium, you will see a separate charge on your student financial summary for your GSHIP Premium, which you are required to pay. Payment can be by personal funds, financial aid, etc.
  3. If you have comparable insurance coverage (which meets the minimum requirements set by UCR) you can waive out of GSHIP by filling out the appropriate waiver form. Only one waiver form is required per academic year. Contact SHS for the most up to date waiver information at (951) 827-3031 or visit their website.Note: There are deadlines for waivers, so check in with SHS early if you plan to waive out of GSHIP!

You can choose not to be enrolled in GSHIP if you can prove that you have other health coverage that meets the University’s minimum requirements. Otherwise, GSHIP is required. A waiver form is required in order to “opt out” of GSHIP coverage. You must fill out a waiver form before the quarter’s coverage begins. Waivers received after this point will not be eligible to opt out.

“Opting out” of GSHIP means that you have sufficient outside health coverage to meet the University’s requirements and that you have successfully filled out the online waiver form before the quarterly deadline.

 Waivers are available on the SHS website prior to the start of every eligibility quarter. If you have successfully waived in the Fall you are waived for the year and do not need to reapply in Winter or Spring. If you did not waive in the fall you are able to waive for subsequent quarters during their respective waiver periods.

Filing Fee students get GSHIP through voluntary enrollment. When on filing fee students are not assessed the fee on their account and will need to pay directly to our vendor USI. You can contact USI directly at 800-853-5899 (they will verify your enrollment with us) or email our insurance coordinator Denise Cannon ( with your ID # to enroll. 

 At this time you can add eligible dependents at the same rate as the primary graduate student at UCR. Please fill out the dependent forms under UCR here ( and send it to our our vendor USI at Note: medical students have their own form for dependents, due to the slightly different academic year — be sure to fill out the appropriate form. 

 GSHIP coverage includes services provided by the Student Health Services (SHS), UCSHIP/Anthem Blue Cross (Medical and Vision) and Delta Dental. Student Health Services are free to all students with GSHIP and require no co-pay. A co-pay will be required, and will vary in amount, for services outside Student Health. 

All services outside of Student Health require a referral form from Student Health (with a few exceptions). No referral is needed for emergency services or when you are outside a 50 mile radius from UC Riverside. Contact Student Health at (951) 827-3031 for appointments, questions or for referrals. 

Click here for more information about your GSHIP services, such as deductibles, copayments and more!

 Click for instructions to get electronic versions of your insurance cards. To obtain a physical copy of your insurance cards please contact Anthem @ (866) 940-8306. They will be able to mail one to you. 

Your best place to start is by visiting SHS, which is where you can find providers and get referrals to specialists on and off-campus.
Once you have a referral, or are looking to find an Anthem provider off-campus, you can find Anthem contracting providers can be located on Anthem’s website,, by following the navigational steps below:
Choose Menu
Select Find a Doctor in the center column labelled Care
Scroll down to the section labelled Search as Guest, and choose Search by Selecting a Plan or Network
Under “What type of care are you searching for?”, select Medical
Under “What state do you want to search in”, select California
Under “Select a plan/network”, click on the drop down menu, type “UCSHIP,” and click Continue
On the following page, please select the details of provider specialty and location for which you would like to search.

See this page featuring UC SHIP plan documents ( and scroll down to UCR. 

You can get up to two cleanings every 12 months covered. For specific details about dental coverage, deductibles and maximums see the Delta Dental packet for 2018-19. ( 

 We now offer services through LiveHealth for both medical and behavioral health telemedicine appointments. You can self-refer and sign up here (; medical appointments have a $25 copay, mental health a $15 for graduate students. 

As your GSHIP Officer I am an elected officer to the Graduate Student Association who represents UCR grads in health matters, including primarily insurance, but also working with Student Health Services to enhance services, UC SHIP (or any other current plan) to maximize benefits, and individual students to resolve questions, conflicts, or any other issues that come up.

 On campus I work both with the GSA and the GSHIP Committee on campus-specific issues, but I also serve on the UC SHIP Executive Oversight Board as a voting member for UC Riverside negotiating benefits systemically. Outside of my role in GSA, I am a third-year medical student at UCR currently rotating at hospitals throughout Riverside and San Bernardino County.

 Due to privacy concerns unique to GSHIP inquiries I am always happy to meet with students and make appointments outside of traditional office hours. Please email me and we can set up a time to meet in person or arrange a call. 

Need more help

Please contact the GSHIP Officer.
Student Health Services: (951) 827-3031

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Contact Info
UCRiverside HUB 203
8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
(951) 827-3141

What is GSHIP?

Graduate Student Health Insurance (GSHIP) is a health insurance plan offered through UC Riverside. GSHIP is mandatory for all graduate students who are not enrolled in comparable private health insurance plan. If you are interested in a waiver, please review these instructions on how to waive out of GSHIP.

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