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Student Council

The General Student Council (GSC) meets on a monthly basis from October through June. GSC meetings are open to any members of the graduate or undergraduate student body, any member of University related or public media, and any member of the administration or faculty. Exceptions by which a GSC meeting becomes closed can be found in the GSA Constitution, Article II, Section 3, sub-sections ‘a’ and ‘c.’ While GSC meetings are open, voting on items is limited to individuals comprising the GSA executive board and mini-GSA representatives.

Purpose of the GSC

  • Represent the general interest of the graduate student body to the University of California, Riverside
  • Liaising between graduate students and members of the staff, faculty, and administration at UC Riverside
  • Disseminate information to graduate students
  • Assist in the resolution of problems pertaining to graduate student affairs
  • Serve on at least one committee

GSA Meeting Schedule

The GSA holds General Council meetings on the first Wednesday of every month from October through June. All students are welcome to join, and comment, and enjoy free food. Meetings are held at 7pm in an online or hybrid format. Check below for details for each meeting. We would love for you to join us!

The meeting link is:

  • Wednesday, October 4th
    Location: online only!
  • Wednesday, November 1st
    Location: HUB 302 South
  • Wednesday, December 6th
    Location: online only!
  • Wednesday, January 3rd
    Location: online only!
  • Wednesday, February 7th
    Location: SSC 1
  • Wednesday, March 16th
    Location: SSC 1
  • Wednesday, April 3rd
    Location: online only!
  • Wednesday, May 1st
    Location: SSC 2
  • Wednesday, June 5th
    Location: SSC 1

GSC Agendas and Meeting

Check out the latest Meeting Agendas and Minutes for the current academic year to find out what GSC is currently doing.

Officer Reports

Anonymous Feedback​ Form


The GSA administers a budget which is approved by the Graduate Student Council. Details of the bylaws governing GSA finances can be found in Section X: Finances of the GSA bylaws. If you have any further questions or comments regarding finances, please contact the GSA financial officer.

Financial forms

Usage of GSA funds requires submission of either a reimbursement form or requisition form. A requisition form is pre-approval of expenses with a UCR approved vendor. A reimbursement form is not limited to UCR approved vendors and is submitted after the funds are spent.

Look through the list below to find the appropriate form.

Follow the instructions here to fill out the reimbursement form available here.

Follow the instructions here to fill out the reimbursement form available here.

Follow the instructions here to fill out the reimbursement form available here.

Follow the instructions here to fill out the reimbursement form available here.

The project codes for departmental GSAs are available here. The account and budget line items for all other expenses are available here.

Frequently asked question about submitting forms

Typically, funds are used to incentivize attendance to events, such as quarterly meetings, workshop, etc. This includes food and beverages and other graduate-student related resources. Reimbursement policies are set at the UC system level. The current version of these policies can be found at

If you have any questions or doubts concerning potential for reimbursement, contact the VPAA and Finance Officer with your inquiry.

No. Every document in the checklist is required by UCR accounting. Failure to have all documents listed in “Materials Checklist” will be returned as incomplete.

For the agenda, a flyer for the event satisfies this requirement.
Meeting minutes can simply detail what occurred during this event.
All events are required to have a sign-in sheet with student ID numbers. Please do not ask for NetIDs in addition to student ID numbers.

All events are required to have a sign-in sheet with student ID numbers. Please do not ask for NetIDs in addition to student ID numbers. 

No, all events need to have a business purpose as per UCR accounting policies. If the event is to gather members from your community to deliver an update on recent events with a social period afterwards, this is acceptable. Please detail this in the “Explanation of Business Purposes” section.

UCR accounting policies handle traveling expenses differently than other expenses. As a result of this, all travel expenses must be listed on the travel reimbursement form while all other expenses should be listed on the appropriate reimbursement form.


UCR is  a student organization officially recognized by UCR. As an official student organiztion, UCR operates under a constitution and bylaws. R&B Constitution Template 

The constitution, which  is comprised of the fundamental laws and principles that prescribe the nature, function and limits of an organization. Essentially, the constitution provides a basic structure upon which an organization operates. As a basic structure of the organization, amendments and changes to the constitution should be difficult to make, but not impossible, and should require a high level of participation/approval from the membership.

Bylaws are secondary laws, which rule or govern the internal affairs of an organization. Basically by-laws are an expansion of the articles or sections of the constitution. They describe in detail the procedures and steps for an organization to follow in order to conduct business effectively and efficiently. Since by-laws are more “nuts and bolts” procedures, they should be easier to amend/revise than the constitution.

The current version of the UCR GSA constitution is found below.

The current version of the UCR GSA bylaws are found below.

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Contact Info
UCRiverside HUB 203
8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
(951) 827-3141

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